Anthony Ham

About Me

Anthony is a freelance writer who specializes in Spain, Africa, the Arctic, Outback Australia and the Middle East.

Anthony is an Australia-based writer whose work appears regularly in magazines and newspapers around the world. Since becoming a writer in 1999, Anthony has followed his passions for wildlife, wild places and the endless variety of human stories. These passions have carried him from some of the busiest cities on earth to some of the most remote places on the planet – from Madrid and Damascus to the Sahara, the Kalahari and the High Arctic  – in search of stories from the human and natural worlds.

The stories that Anthony has brought back reflect his proven ability to write across a range of genres and platforms, from guidebooks to travel narrative, and from current affairs features to short- and long-form creative non-fiction. That his passions are also his areas of expertise is an important element in his success as a writer.

His writing philosophy is simple. He believes in the power of the written word and in the enduring power of stories. He believes that the essential tools of storytelling – plot, character and a strong sense of place – are essential to telling the real-life stories that he writes. And he believes in the imperative to write beautifully about important things.

Anthony’s photography frequently appears alongside his written work.

After more than ten years living in Madrid, he returned to Melbourne in November 2012. He writes in English, speaks fluent Spanish and before becoming a writer, Anthony obtained a Master of Arts degree in Middle Eastern Politics and Bachelor of Laws degree (with Honours), both from the University of Melbourne.

Anthony Ham

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